New Music

Megan co-wrote two original Christmas songs for a new Christmas Album, Songs By Candlelight. 

Chompers - Gimlet Media

Megan is thrilled to be on Team Chompers at Gimlet Media as a songwriter and performer for Chompers, The Musical. 

Chompers, The Musical focuses on a girl who has just lost her first tooth, and has to go to the dentist for her first big kid check up. 

This week of episodes aired in November. Megan voiced the lead character. 

Now That's What I Call The 90's

Megan performed and wrote the vocal arrangements for Now That's What I Call The 90's, a 75 min show that takes you through hits from 1990 - 1999, with some baller mashups and an epic penny whistle solo from the titanic, played on a Yamaha recorder. Truly, what could be better? 

Photo Cred: Lauren Lucile @laurenlucilecreative

NYU Grad Musical Theatre Writing Presentation

Megan performed The Sea, The Fish, and The Net by Taz Stahlnecker and Lydia Breckon at the NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing May one act presentations.

Pull It Together Podcast

Megan composed original intro and ad musical for Pull It Together with Dustin and Alex, a new podcast that debuted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019! 


Megan got married (3 years ago) and (finally) got around to changing her name! Looking for Megan Dorn? You've got her, only now she is Megan Bagala. Megan, 2.0, if you will. 

Gimlet Media's Chompers

Megan sang for Gimlet Media's toothbrushing podcast, Chompers, adding her riffing skills to the 90's-tastic song all about how kids can be inventors too! 

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